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for little, lovable bookworms

Welcome to my Site
Hi, I'm Nicki Ramshaw
Writer, Teacher, Mom
Thank you for visiting my webite, ramshawbooks.com. I've been in the teaching field for 15 years, focusing on literacy education. Now that I have my own two young children, there is nothing I love more than snuggling up with them and a good book and sharing my love for children's literature.

I write each book with the intention of developing little, lovable bookworms whose passion for reading will continue to grow every day.

Take a look at my lastest books!

​​Sulio and the Orchard Bay Orchestra

New Parents

Fed up at home, seven-year-old Ben creates a want ad for new parents. While he gets many interesting applicants, he finds that sometimes a loved one's imperfections are just what's needed.

250 words; geared toward children ages 3-8

Sulio can't wait to blow the audience away at auditions, but when the judges see a saxophone headed for the stage, Sulio is turned away without being able to play a single note. When Sulio starts serenading from the sidewalk, however, the impertinent instruments change their tune.

530 words; geared toward children ages 4-8